The hidden secrets of the Mud Digger

The Mud Digger is a lure that has been specifically designed by Fiiish for zander fishing, after several years of development and testing.

The Mud Digger is well named because it is designed to fish on or just above the bottom, imitating a natural prey that lives in or near the substrate. It’s a lure that will outwit the most difficult fish. It can be used from the shore or on board, in linear or vertical position.

leurre mud digger

A thin and extremely flexible body

The shape of the Mud Digger is a hybrid between a shad and a finess lure. This allows it to swim at extreme slow speed, very naturally.

The reverse paddle

Unlike traditional shads, the paddle of the Mud Digger is oriented upwards. This feature allows the Mud Digger to swim perfectly on the descent phase, during which the zander attack most of the time.

mud digger purple glitter rodhouse fiiish

The released hook

It increases the mobility of the lure, makes it easier to be caught by the fish and limits the tearing of the body during the fight. A small hollow on the top of the lure also facilitates the positioning of the hook.

The shoe head

This allows the lure to glide down and land naturally on the bottom with the body slightly lifted. This presentation is very attractive, especially on difficult fish.

When the lure is lifted off the bottom, the balance between the head and the body is perfect and the lure stays horizontal. Very interesting for slow vertical drifts.

Shape, weight and color of the lure

Body size : 6,5 and 9cm.
Heads : ultra light, light, medium, heavy
7 colors

Rodhouse&Fiiish team

Rodhouse&Fiiish team

Blanks & leurres haut de gamme

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